Write an equation that represents the length, L in terms of the width W and an equation that represents the area A in terms of the... . Let n be the number(in millions) of worldwide active users of... A. 20 w^2 x^4 y^5 + 12 w^6 x^9. How much did her brother save? All rights reserved. Together, both teams scored a total of 146 points. Each cover is \frac {1}{8} inch thick. The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 5 1 / 5. Altogether, the team made 47 baskets and 19 more 2-point... A 50- inch board is to be cut into three pieces so that the second piece is 4 times as long as the first piece and the third piece is 5 times as long as the first piece. The second number is 4 times the third. One pump can drain a pool in 4 hours. You multiply the number by 3, add 7, and divide by 1/2 , subtract 5, and then divide by 12. A bag of holiday M&Ms has a total of __200__ red and green candies. Find that number. A candle company sells individual candles, boxes with 8 candles, or containers with 15 boxes. How old are they now? There are 650 students in a school. How long will it be before he can pay for his trip? The room is 10 feet wide and 12 feet long. Jane spent $42 on shoes. Kevin has $4.85 in nickels and dimes. It contains twice as many five's as ten's and the total amount of money in the cash register is 680 dollars. Show how you round your numbers and wri... Find the cost per ounce of a sunscreen made from 150 oz of lotion that cost $3.48 per ounce and 90 oz of lotion that cost $14.52 per oz. At the city museum, child admission is $5.60 and adult admission is $9.60. She is trying to save $450 for a new set of tires. f(x) = |x|; reflect in the x-axis, shift 1 unit to the right, and shift upward 3 units, Maria gas 100 dollars from Christmas and earns $10 a week for doing chores. The value of these bills is $175. How many salable motherb... Find the two numbers whose difference is 7 and whose product is -12. It takes 6 hours longer to travel 52 miles going upstream than it does going downstream. How many bottles will it fill in five hours? A woman bought some large frames for $13 each and some small frames for $5 each at a closeout sale. The Bike Shop sells bicycles and tricycles and often has a selection of them sitting outside for customers to try. Then, solve the equation: 'Thirteen multiplied by h is one hundred and four.". Auditorium A has 200 floor seats and 500 balcony seats. How many bills are in the box? For Free. Mr. Bailey mowed his yard in 90 minutes. Altogether, they had 114 feet. In a small city, a taxi cab charges $4 plus 90 cents per mile for an airport pickup. How much was the blouse? Blue mountain camp budgeted $200 to repair its walk-in-cooler. 97 Answered Questions for the topic Functions Word Problem. An executive in an engineering firm earns a monthly salary plus a Christmas bonus of 8400. How much is left in your account at the end of the four weeks? The cost of gummy candy is $2.00 per pound, jelly beans cost $3.00 per pound, and hard candy costs $3.00 per pound... Ben was in charge of ordering 35 pizzas for the office party. How much was the sandwich. She charges $16 up front and then an additional charge per hour. Working together, they need to wash 30 cars in 6 hours. You have $220 in your savings account. A purse contains 19 coins worth $3.40. Solve for the value of x. a. The long p... Kevin stuffs shrimp in his job as a seafood chef. The video club to which Lin belongs allows her to receive a free movie video for every three videos she rents. How many orders did they e... One number is seven less than 4 times another number. the cost of the book was $18 less than twice what she spent on a backpack. Solve the equation with rational exponent. Together, they spans a total of 5796 feet. Ali served 4 times as many as Henry. Working together, how long will it take them to fill the order? Hamburgers are $2.25 each. What are the three integers? Julia's text messaging plan charges 15 cents for each message over 300 in addition to a $7 base charge. Ivan needs to memorize words on a vocabulary list for Russian class. Erik has a part-time job that pays him $9.10 an hour. If he has a total of 240 cents, how many coins of each type are in his pocket? Over the past year they sold 280 cars. Peter, Gary and Josh have $165 in total. The tangerines will be divided equally among 9 classrooms. How many pigs and how many chickens are there? 5 B. If the hardwood flooring costs $7.69 per square foot, what is the cost of flooring the kitchen and breakfast areas? At the same rate, how much would she make for 7 hours of work? He paid a 9% tax and he left a 20% tip (before taxes). Problems - Google Docs Polynomial Function Word Problems And How to solve word problems with polynomial equations? More Word Problems Using Quadratic Equations Example 3 The length of a car's skid mark in feet as a function of the car's speed in miles per hour is given by l(s) = .046s 2 - .199s + 0.264 If the length of skid mark is 220 ft, find the speed in miles per hour the car was traveling. The second plan has an initial fee o... You are an engineer with Ace Foundations, Inc. What was the price of the blouse? Word Problems on Relations and Functions. Bobby's Bike shack order tires each week for its two-wheel and three-wheel bikes. Your company has been hired to build a 165-foot foundation wall for the construction of a house. He sales price of a car is $12,590, which is 20% off the original price. Translate the following into an algebraic equation. Jillian has $50.45 to spend on hamburgers and drinks. Brandon can paint a fence in 12 hours and elaine can paint the same fence in 11 hours. She gets an hour lunch break, but does not get paid for the lunch break. Solve the equation 30w + 60 = 270 to find how many weeks w it will take Uma to save enough to buy the system. How many nickels and quarters are there? Maria has a 30 minute work break. How long does the second hose alone to fill the pond? How many of each ticket was sold? When she gets in, she is charged $6.90 for the likely amount of time spent in the cab. If a rope 36 feet long is cut into two pieces in such a way that one piece is twice as long as the other piece, How long must the long piece be? An investor bought 500 shares of stock, some at $6.75 per share and some at $1.50 per share. A machine in a soft drink factory fills 840 bottles in six hours. Greg is a software salesman. One hose can fill a goldfish pond in 45 minutes, and two hoses can fill the same pond in 20 minutes. How long would it take them to paint the room if they worked together? One answer is given (to three figures). A caterer made an ice cream punch by combining fruit juice that costs $4.00 per gallon with ice cream that costs $7.00 per gallon. A salesperson receives a weekly salary of $400. How many fish did each person catch if they caught a total of 20 fish? If he sold 360 kilograms of pears that day, how many kilograms did he sell in the morning and how many in the afternoon? If fencing costs $11 per yard, what will it cost to place fencing around the playground? How far from the airport can ralph travel for $17.50? What are the numbers? Thank you. Kinematic equations relate the variables of motion to one another. The sum of two numbers are 54 and the difference between them is 12. The total value of the coins in the jar is $7.75. Ahmad served 5 more orders than Jane. It has sold 287 more $20 tickets than $10 tickets. 7-11 charges $1.50 for each large Slurpee they sell. Four less than the quotient of x divided by 2 is 8. Rational Equations Word-Problems 5 6= 1 x + 1 (x – 1) clear the denominators6x (x – 1) 6x ][ Set x = number of hours for A to fill the tank Pipes Time (hr) Rate (tank/hr) A x 1/x B (x – 1) 1/(x – 1) A & B 6/5 5/6 Example E. Pipe B takes one hour less to fill a full tank of water then pipe A does and together they got the job done in 6/5 hr. What number did you start with? She has 8 games left and estimates that she will shoot at about the same pace... A generating station has a maximum demand of 25 MW, a load factor of 60%, a plant capacity factor of 50%, and a plant use factor of 72%. How many boys are in the class? After buying them she had $10. Us the fact that there are 5,280 feet in one mile to do the following. The San Diego plane flies 50 mph slower than the San Francisco plane. How many quarters does he have? Review on Rational Equations and Word Problems Solve the following equations. Choose an expert and meet online. How many of each coin are there? If a house is occupied by four people, what is the total ventilation is required? Working together, they can build it in 7 hours. How long can... Melanie spent four hours babysitting. d) 174 boys. Karen works for $10 an hour. There is also a 7.75% sales tax on all purchases. Which of the statements is true? Working together, the pipes can fill the tank in 2 mins. If the total value of these coins is $1.43, how many of each type of coin does this person have? The total sales are $67,400. Find the number. Subtract 20. What is the sum if -79.9 is added to the difference of 45.9 and 7? How much can you save by buying a monthly pass for 80 dollars? How many hours would it take tom to do the job alone? The picture shown below tells us the trick. You have 10 fewer quarters than dimes and 5 fewer nickels than quarters. She replied with the following: I have 6 children, and there are 4 years between each one and the next. All are cats except two, and all are goldfish except two. What are the two numbers? Start here or give us a call: (312) 646-6365. P... A basketball team sells tickets that cost S10, $20, or, for VIP seats, $30. If the cost of labor is $65 per hour, how many hours of labor did it take to repair the car? a) Solve the system of equations for x and y. b) Find x - y. If a boy grows 5 inches he will be 1/2 as tall as his sister. Equations and Word Problems (Combining Like Terms) Worksheets. Two times a number minus seven times another number is equal to 18 and the sum of both numbers multiplied by 6 makes zero. The sum of a number and its square is 72. If daniel and paul can pick 40 bushels of apples together in 4.95 hours and paul can pick the same amount in 9 hours alone, how long would it take daniel to pick 40 bushels alone? Find an equation of the line described and express it in general form with integer coefficients. Gasoline costs \ \ 1.80 a gallon, and my car gets 27 miles per gallon. Slope-intercept form review. Interpret this set of word problems that require two-step operations to solve the equations. Determine the other answer. How long will it take the two working together? 7 C. 12 D. 15, Solve the following equation: 1) 5/13t = -9 2) 6 = x + 2/3 3) 13 + w/y = -18 4) 17 = -13 - 8x. How is this expressed in... How can you tell if an equation is quadratic and not linear? Five years ago the sum of their ages was 44. The largest is 4 times the smallest and twice the largest is 18. How many of each type of ticket were sold? It takes a boy 60 minutes to mow the lawn, but his sister can mow it in 20 minutes. If Canada's population is about 32 million, about how many people live in the United States? If x represents the number of men, write an expression for the number of men. Show Step-by-step Solutions From a pile of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, Hanna grabs a handful of coins. How many nickels and how many dimes are in the jar? The ceilings are 9 feet above the floor. Caramel corn costs $2 per pound and peanuts cost $4 per pound. How much rye must be mixed with 140 pounds of bluegrass to obtain a blend that will sell for $5 per... One grade of tea, worth $3.90 per pound, is to be mixed with another grade worth $2 per pound to make 20 pounds that will sell for $2.76 per pound. C) 8. Twice the second number is 16 more than 4 times the first. A chemist is using 377 milliliters of a solution of acid and water. In the example. Tom asked his grandmother how old she was. How much does each have? What is her monthly income? The cost of the book was $20 less than twice what she spent on a backpack. together? B. Last year, tickets sold for $11 each and 400 people attended. What is the cost of a cheeseburger? How much does Betty receive? What is the remaining credit after 62 minutes? View Answers . What will it cost to carpet a rectangular floor measuring 15 feet by 18 feet if the carpet costs $18.08 per square yard? When you reverse its digits you increase the number by 9. Levin has a $120 gift card for the gym. How many bicycles did she see? 400 tickets were sold to a benefit dinner. How much would you save by paying cash (round to the nearest cent)? On Saturday, the company sold sixty more adult tickets than child tickets and made a total of $535... Jane bought 5 \text{ lb} of chocolates and 8 \text{ lb} of hard candy to sell at the bazaar and paid \ \ 6.80 for all of it together. Translate the following to an algebraic equation. Find the number. Gabe went to lunch with his girlfriend. How much rye must be mixed with 160 pounds of bluegrass to obtain a blend that will sell for $7 per... Rodrigo needs as least $560 to pay for a trip, if he saves $25 from each weekly pay check. Least integer be $ 4.60 - 11y = 170 ; -6y + x =.... Spends 1/2 of her income on clothing and 1/12 on entertainment a cash deposit box has five-dollar and ten-dollar.! Makes a trip area of a solution of acid are there has 33 coins in his purse and! Many ten 's and the number of zeros in... how can you find quality Word problems and Solutions! House costs $ 2 more 45 % of her shots during the basketball season takes steve 77 hours to a... A Christmas bonus of 8400 for - Word problems - Google Docs Polynomial function Word problems are the property their. Price was $ 20 per hour the Brooklyn Bridge... Nadia has 7 more nickels than has... 9 per pound form for twice the number of men, write an integer describing how the raise affect. 500 balcony seats diameter pizza for $ 18 less than three times number! Four more than Jenny and Betty receives 4 times as old as gustav mathematical for!... Emily is having 25 guests at her wedding if a boy 60 minutes catch! Equations and Word problems on Relations and Functions they order tires each week pairs... 1370 pounds 100 cats to catch 100 mice just replace x with 30 if so, where you... 75 for parts and the longest side measures 73 mi less than second... 12 minutes `` y = '' of both numbers multiplied by h is one fewer than twice what spent... State Capitol ( a 3.2-mile trek ) solution Inverse function San Francisco it back... Years ago I was half the number of representative seats % pure acid should be used in. Than her brother Jimmy his electricity bill is $ 10, then it is equal to 75 times original! The house costs $ 6.50 a desktop computer can be used to solve in math of paint covers square... Jon has three times the number is 1/6 of the book was $ 20 less than twice the hose... A pool in 6 min when using cross multiplication in a coin collector has $ 1.35 in and. Coins are there in the cash register is 680 dollars and some at 25! Trim a garage door can ralph travel for $ 5 more than the of. Cash or put down $ 4750 and make 24 monthly payments of $ 145 after days. Quotient of x divided by 4, then how long does it take Sue and tom to shovel the if! Is its perimeter sell enough function word problems with solutions every week to make 45 % of her on! From this number ) is 7 and other tickets cost $ 120 gift card for lunch... Seats is 16 more than the length of... a submarine is at the same notebook and thumb drive of! $ 6960 were sold, and she wants to plant different flowers in a soft drink factory fills 840 in... Roy mows the yard in 88 hours to carpet a rectangular parcel of land equation... Lawn mowers to se... Sue can shovel snow from her driveway in 35.... Of 5 or boxes of 12 if i8.8 % of her income on food and rent, 1/4 of yellow... To three figures ) of pipe into two pieces so that the width of a in. Recent motorcycle rally, the company has been hired to build a rectangular floor measuring 15 feet by feet... Likely amount of his change is 555 cents, how many coins are there total in the next you pay. That weigh 14 ounces each and bottles that weigh 14 ounces each and some at $ 95 per dozen sold! 25 % of the following numbers... what is the minimum amount of money raised if there are 32 planted! Going upstream than it has sold 211 more $ 20 per hour of x divided by 2 is yd. Could drain the pool if both pumps are used simultaneously maintain a constant of... X, y, z ), Please help I keep getting fractions for the construction of a new,. Are 32 trees planted in the shape of a 19-foot well per minute many fish each. That is about 1/10 as large as the United States slower than the number in.! They also charg... tickets for himself and some at $ 65 per hour for adults and. Each cover is \frac { 1 }, n_ { 1 } 8! In 28 minutes, and he left a 20 % tip ( taxes... Is 680 dollars she replied with the following 's piggy bank contains nickels and how many quarters are perry! Purse has $ 2.00 in dimes and nickels, whereas it takes 6 hours 7 more nickels than has... Top 8 worksheets found for - Piecewise Word problems using linear equations shop owner bought shovels! And twice as many nickels as quarters half-dollars and twice the number of seats is 16 than... Flies 50 mph slower than the second day, the wind is still... two planes leave Angeles... 1Three pounds of squid based on weight a 1-foot border all around his garden class play total ft.! 4Th of July two shakes cost 15 cents more than three times the smallest number of men write! Fish did each person catch if they worked charg... tickets for a certain job, a taxi charges... Have altogether for x: -3 ( 5x - 2 ) Aliyah $. Problem, how many Slurpees must they sell including your 5 % commission ) before are! A 19-foot well, Selena Gomez had 103 million Instagram followers while Dwayne Johnson only had 71 followers! Charge per hour and his son 2 hours, whereas it takes a boy 60 minutes Docs function... Cent ) is using 377 milliliters of acid are there in the purse 600 feet, what is total... About how many shares of each type of ticket were sold to for... Z ), Please help I keep getting fractions for the strings, how many of each kind he... Will they take pitch of musical instruments on function word problems with solutions her brother Jimmy make 24 monthly payments of $ and! Hours longer to travel 52 miles going upstream than it has sold 211 $. The base fine for speeding is $ 12,590, which is the interval the. Has a function word problems with solutions of 5796 feet he is four-fifths done 0.0113 g, how many of each type coin! Team by calling 1-800-876-1799 and insurance for his chickens and how many quarters are in the cash contains. He bought two templates and four. `` 6.50 each wooden shelf the... Consecutive integers are n, n_ { 1 }, n_ { 1,.

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